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{Coming Soon} Aquarian Dawn, a Novel by Ebele Chizea, Hits Bookshelves in October

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Ebele's much-anticipated book, Aquarian Dawn, is currently available for pre-orders!

When Ebele Chizea informed me last year, that she had found a publisher interested in her book, I was thrilled for her. I knew the moment I started reading her draft in 2020, that she needed to do more than self-publish this novel.

Luckily, she felt the same way and began pitching publishers almost immediately after we wrapped up editing. I'm glad she did, because now her book is being published by Three Rooms Press, an independent small press in NYC, and will be available in stores on October 25, 2020. Of course, the book has undergone additional rounds of editing by the publisher's editors since it left my desk, but I am so so proud of the final product and the fact that I was a part of the process.

Aquarian Dawn is an enlightening page-turning 60s, and 70s story told around the Vietnam war, the Black Power and Hippie movements, and the Nigerian civil war. The story begins in a small Pennsylvania town and ends in the fictional country of Nabuka. You will love her fully developed characters, thought-provoking dialogue, and brilliant narration.

The book is good y'all! It's categorized as a teen and young adult read, but quite frankly, it's for everyone.

Find the book at the following links below:

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