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I'm Celebrating 13 Books In 6 Months!

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

I recently sat down to do some administrative work and ended up counting 13 manuscripts that I have worked on so far this year. The list does not include manuscripts pending on my calendar.

To say I was (and still am, quite frankly) feeling accomplished is an understatement. I used to do less than this in 12 months (an entire year), way less if you're counting the early years. So, what changed? Perseverance is my mantra, working hard is my motto, and improving myself and the quality of my business year after year, is my focus. At this rate, I'm on track to making this my most accomplished year yet. Last year was great, but 2021 has been even greater. If you're wondering how I got here, let me share with you just three (3) tips out of many:

Know Your Value: this is very important, especially when you're starting out as a freelancer. It's typical that less experience will attract a lesser sense of self-esteem that leads you to attract and accept lesser paying jobs and clients. I would recommend that if you can help it, don't start down this path at all - it's draining. If you can't help it and you really must put up with lesser-paying jobs to survive, please don't stay there too long. Six months tops, get out of there! Then, revamp your resume with whatever experience you have acquired, raise your rates, and readvertise yourself in different places.

Keep Your Head in the Game: No matter how tough and discouraging it gets, keep your head in the game. Take breaks here and there, if necessary, but always come back, having taken stock, and feeling re-energized. I too left the game several times, once when a dissatisfied client discouraged me, the second was when my first daughter was born, the third was when I had my second daughter. I have been going steady since my return in late 2018, and things have been on a steady climb since. What I'm saying is this: never give up!

Let Your Character Do the Talking: As much as my work speaks for itself, it is my character that keeps boosting my ratings. With each review that comes in, I notice that as much as my clients love my work and praise me for it, it is my character as a businesswoman and book editor that gets them talking about me to their fellow authors. Nobody wants to work with someone who is good at what they do but who cheats, lacks integrity, is dishonest, unfriendly, or unkind. Doing business all these years has confirmed one thing I've always known: bedside manners count for a lot. We all want to feel like we matter. Make your clients feel like they matter!

Do you have any questions for me as a fellow writer, author, book editor, or business owner? Feel free to comment below.

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