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Reading a Book

You've worked long days and sleepless nights to make your dream a reality, and now the thought of having a third party comb through it unnerves you. Will they change the story? Will they try to make your story their own? What about your voice, will it still be yours? These are all genuine concerns authors have when hiring an editor. After reading through my services, I hope you'll be one step closer to feeling comfortable deciding the best way to take your manuscript from draft to published masterpiece. I have designed my services to help you breathe a little easier. I will walk you through all the stages of the editing process - what to expect, what type of editing is best suited for your book, what to look for in an editor, and how to prepare yourself for the emotional and physical toll of professional editing. 


Developmental Editing

Developmental editing focuses on the overall content of an author's work and checks for the following: story organization, plot holes, character development, pacing, dialogue discrepancies, and more. 

Line Editing

Line editing focuses on an author's content, writing style, and use of language. The following issues are checked during line editing, sentence structure, word usage, flow, logic, and clarity. 

Copy Editing

Copy editing is much like line editing. It too focuses on content, style, and an author's use of language. It also checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, in addition to checking for formatting issues. 

Story Development

Helps authors develop the content of their stories by listening to plot ideas, and then guiding authors on how to script those ideas into words that flow from page to page.

Manuscript Review

Involves reading through an author's manuscript and suggesting changes and ways to improve the overall structure and flow of the content while clarifying its message.

Book Synopsis and Blurbs

Offers help with writing book synopsis, book blurbs, and agent query letters for self-published authors and those seeking a traditional or small press publisher for their book.

The average developmental editing job takes 4-5 weeks. It takes about 3-4 weeks for a line editing job and 1-2 weeks for copyediting. My goal as your editor is to help you produce your most polished work, one we can both be proud of. To do this, I need time, and for that reason, I do not offer rush services.

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