Congratulations on completing the first draft of your manuscript! It took you many sleepless nights and long days to get here, so you deserve to breathe a sigh of relief.  My services are designed to help you do just that! I will walk you through all the stages of the editing process - what you should expect, what type of editing is best suited for your book, what to look for in an editor, and how to prepare yourself for the emotional and physical toll of self-editing and professional editing.

Developmental Editing

Checks for organization, sentence style, repetitions, overuse of specific words, vague generalizations, wordiness, and focus. 

Prices start at $



Check for content & style, formatting, and gender neutrality. For content & style, we will check your word usage, logic, and clarity.

Prices start at $


Fixes spelling, grammar and punctuation errors, capitalization, numbers, use of hyphens, table of contents, and any list of items. 

Prices start at $

First Chapter Critique

Helps an author figure out if they'll successfully hook their readers in the first few pages of their novel. We will check for "the hook."

Prices start at $150

Our Process
Finding the perfect partner for your book can be challenging. You've worked day and night to make your dream a reality. Now the thought of having a third-party comb through it unnerves you. Will they change the story and make it their own? What about my voice, will it still be mine? These are some genuine concerns that go through the minds of authors when seeking an editor. I hope that after reading through the offerings above you'll be one step closer to feeling comfortable deciding the best way to take your manuscript from draft to published masterpiece. As your editor, I will carefully read your manuscript, checking it for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I will also check for inconsistencies and inaccuracies, and will even rewrite sentences that don't make much sense. However, by the time I'm done, it will STILL be your story, your voice, just BETTER! 
Roots of a Woman

Roots of a Woman

"Nicole provided absolutely perfect customer service and wonderful feedback."



"Nicole was very knowledgeable and professional. She responded to all my questions in a timely manner."

The Land We Leave Behind

The Land We Leave Behind

“Nicole took heart in my work right from the start; and even offered me free and very valuable advice before quoting me a price.”

Story Development

Helps authors develop their stories by listening to plot and story line ideas, and then guiding authors on how to script those ideas into words that flow from page to page.

Manuscript Review

Involves reading through an author's manuscript and suggesting changes and ways to improve the overall structure and flow of the content while clarifying its message.

Editorial Assessment

Offers editorial strategies and advice to authors who need it. This involves reviewing content and brainstorming the best ways to salvage its essence and make it better.