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{Book Launch} Unapologetically Enough: Carrie Severson Releases New Book

Carrie Severson's much-awaited book, Unapologetically Enough, is now available on Amazon.

Carrie is the founder and publisher of The Unapologetic Voice House (TUVH), a publication Amma Edits has partnered with for the last 2 - 3 years. The book, which deals with a range of topics; such as infertility and professional and personal burnout, highlights the good and bad that can come from discovering self-love and the feeling of being enough.

For years, entrepreneur and writer Carrie Severson struggled with her own “enoughness.” Like so many women, she constantly questioned if she was thin enough, wealthy enough, young enough, or fertile enough. But instead of finding answers, she ended up battling professional and personal burnout, self-love, and her status as a middle-aged woman without her own children. And it forced her to make a change.

Shining the light of love on both the good and the bad of that process, Severson shares her soul quest and how she learned to navigate her own enoughness. With honesty, tenderness, and vulnerability, she taps into a powerful shared reality, illuminating the experiences so many women go through as they, too, struggle to define success and self-love.

Find the book at the following links below: Find it on Amazon

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