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"Who's Laughing Now?" Said the English Major.

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

Not too long ago, liberal arts majors were ranked low on the ambition scale. Afterall, what was the point of investing time and money in a degree that would only lead to perpetual unemployment? Parents wept for the child who wanted to study geography, visual arts, music, or (loud gasp) languages; English in particular. Fellow students had a low opinion of them. Well, fast forward decades later, and possessing an English degree has become such a valuable asset. If there was ever a day to be proud to be an English major, that time is now.

With the rise in popularity of digital marketing, more and more companies are turning to digital communication tools to reach their customers and audiences. In fact, if you want to deliver any message to a vast audience these days, the most successful way to do so is to use digital messaging - websites, email marketing, social media, newsletters, etc. To get a message across, a company must possess the right communication tools to get that message out in a language their audience understands. Grammar, spelling and punctuation have never been more important as they are today. It is no wonder that most job postings in recent years, especially those in the communications field, list a bachelor's degree in English as one of the few degrees acceptable to do the job. Writing for a living is no longer the low trade it once was. These days, it pays to be a writer or a communications professional. Here are just five of the several job titles bestowed upon English majors and the salaries that make these titles pop, according to a recent study from Seattle-based Payscale, Inc.:

Content Strategist - $90,000+

Content Manager - $72,000+

Senior Writer - $71,000+

Communications Marketing Manager - $82,000+

Editorial Directors - $92,000+

For a full list of majors and their respective job opportunities and salaries, visit Payscale.

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