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New Year, New Name!

After years of wrestling with a name change, I have finally decided to let go and rebrand. I'm excited to announce to you that The Brielle Agency is now Amma Edits, LLC. I'll be providing you with the same quality services, just under a different name.

The new name reflects the evolved nature of the business. When I first picked a name for the business, the goal was to grow it into an agency; and at some point, it was. I had 2 sub-contractors. Over time, I found that things worked better for business when I simply focused on the work and outsourced the administrative aspects. That's when I decided to become a solopreneur and do the work for which my clients were paying me while outsourcing the parts that were slowing me down. But I kept the name even though it no longer made sense for the work I was doing. This new name finally reflects the services, essence, and values of who we are as a business. Not much has changed besides the name. I am still offering the same top-rated services to authors looking to have their work self-published.

Welcome to Amma Edits, formerly known as The Brielle Agency! Throughout the year 2021, I will be evaluating my current services, guided by my passions and interests, keeping what works, and cutting what doesn't. I look forward to continuing to serve you as I've done over the last 12 years. Have a Happy New Year!


N. Amma

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