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Introducing TBag Press.

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

Are you an author or writer looking for exposure? Are you struggling to find the words to market yourself and your work to the right people? Well, worry no more, TBag Press is here! TBag is the abbreviation for The Brielle Agency, and is the publication arm of the agency.

At TBag Press, our goal is simple: to get you the exposure you deserve and need.

How it Works!

We will feature an author in our author spotlight section as often as we get requests for features. Under this new offering, authors seeking to announce new material such as books and articles, will be interviewed and featured on our TBag Press page. Author Spotlights will be shared on our social media platforms and e-mailing lists. The new service is an attempt to expend the promotional services that TBag provides to our clients.

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