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Let me Help You Get Unstuck!


Do you have a story to tell but don't know how to start? Or, have you started and found yourself hitting roadblocks that prevent you from moving forward or concluding your story? My story development package is designed to help you see the way forward. I will listen to your story ideas and guide you in a step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter journey to completing your book.

For now, my story development services are for non-fiction authors ONLY. 

Your Time Commitment: 


Story development takes time and commitment. The minimum monthly requirement is three (3) months, and the maximum is a (1) year (depending on the intricacies and length of your story).

Setting a minimum requirement will ensure that we can work together at a good pace to get as much done as possible within the scheduled timeline. 

My Commitment (How I Can Help You): 

  • If you're getting started, I will:

    • Brainstorm story and plot ideas with you 

    • Help you determine who your target audience is

    • Help you figure out why you're writing your book and how you hope it will impact readers

    • Help you write an overview of your book (introduction, book hook, and description).

    • Outline your book's chapters and points and help you plot your story ideas

  • If you've already started and now find yourself stuck, I will:

    • Help you reorganize your plot and story outline​

    • Guide you (using questions) to dig deeper and move forward

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The Process: 

  • I will guide you through the process using:

    • Weekly calls (1 hour/week) and emails.

    • Weekly reviews and editorial feedback on drafted content.

    • Assign chapter timelines to complete monthly.

Cost/Investment: $500/month (with a $250 deposit required to start)

Monthly payments will cover the following:


  1. 10 hours of editorial review hours a month

  2. 1-hour weekly phone/Zoom calls a month

  3. Unlimited email exchanges

  4. Scheduled calls to unblock the story

Editing is NOT included! Editing can and will be discussed as a separate (discounted) service at the completion of the initial draft. However, I encourage authors to seek a separate editor who can work with them to polish their stories. Doing so will benefit the story by having a fresh set of eyes for critique and further development.  

Are you ready to start? Would you like to get your story out of your head and onto the pages of a book you can be proud of? Then work with me. I have a proven record of helping authors turn their ideas into stories. 

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