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Writing Is Therapy For The Soul

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

I would know that. I've been pouring my emotions on paper ever since that one time, many years ago, when I was a teenager and I snuck a heartfelt, handwritten note under my mother's pillow asking her to stop being so hard on me. I was 100 percent assured of the effectiveness of my written words when I walked into my mother's bedroom many hours later to find her with my letter in her hand, tears in her eyes, and pain on her face. It felt good to finally feel heard. That day confirmed what I already knew to be true; I've always found it easier to express my emotions through writing. Talking it out always left me hysterical and in tears while fumbling for words.

Research has shown that writing is indeed a form of therapy that heals the soul and strengthens the immune system, according to an article written in the American Psychological Association.

Even without the proof of science, we all know that something magical happens when we write down our thoughts and experiences. We are able to release negative emotions (poetry and memoir writing), draw out positive emotions (journaling), and generally feel better about ourselves and our circumstances (essays). Writing also fosters positive thinking. Many successful business owners toot writing down their visions and goals as the driving force behind their successful achievement of those visions and goals. We have also seen the rise in popularity of vision boards and manifesting your dreams (on paper).

All these trends stem from the fact that writing is good for the soul, and people know that. How are some ways in which you use writing as a form of therapy? Please share below in the comments.

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