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Meet Anna Brooke: Author of Stripped Down

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Anna Brooke's Stripped Down was my first introduction into the world of burlesque. It was such a powerful and insightful read that I would recommend to every woman that I know.

The Brielle Agency was hired by The Unapologetic Voice House to do a final proofread of Anna's manuscript before it went off to publication and, boy oh boy, what a treat this project was.

Stripped Dow: How Burlesque Led Me Home

Anna's Stripped Down delves into her life as a burlesque dancer, first on London's dance stage and later in New York City where she is known as Rev. Legs Malone, the girl with the thirty-four-and-a-half inch inseam. Anna began her dancing career in 2006 and is also currently an interdisciplinary healing arts practitioner. Through the art of burlesque, which she views as a vibrant art form, Anna teaches and advocates for the legacy and importance of burlesque and challenges sexist stereotypes that portray women's bodies as something embodying shame. She still performs and produces shows in New York. Here's an interview she did with the International Business Times a few years ago. It was truly an honor working with Anna. Her work is amazing and an eye-opener for women looking to accept and celebrate their bodies for the works of art that they are. 

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