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How Does Line Editing Improve Your Book?

Updated: May 31, 2022

Line editing is critical to improving an author’s work and is designed to elevate said work. A line edit focuses on content, style, and use of language. An editor is not looking for spelling mistakes and misused words when doing a line edit, instead, they’re looking to see how the author uses language (creative content, writing style) to communicate their story. Line editing is typically done after developmental editing.

The Process: During a line edit, your manuscript will be analyzed sentence by sentence for word choice, and the power and meaning of a sentence. Words might be moved around and rearranged to make better sense and sentences. Sentences might be crossed out completely or rearranged to flow into one another. Sections where language can be improved will be pointed out, as well as parts where the writing style is inconsistent.

The main goal of a line edit is to make sure that your words flow into beautiful sentences that flow into exquisite paragraphs that flow into a clear and captivating story.

Checks for:

Content & style


Gender neutrality.


Logic and clarity.

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