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How to Work With Your Editor in Word, Using Track Changes.

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

To ease you into the editing process here at Amma Edits, I have put together a tutorial that you can download and study for a better understanding of what to do when your editor returns your manuscript to you with their markings/changes and comments. I hope you find it useful.

Authors assume that once they turn over their manuscript to an editor, that their work is done and they can expect a cleaned-up manuscript ready for publication. However, this is not how it works. Editing a manuscript is a collaborative effort between an author and their editor.

Thankfully, it's becoming an easier process, thanks to the introduction of document-sharing tools and software. Many editors work on manuscripts in Word format using track changes. With the not-so-recent introduction of Google Docs, some editors, including myself, are adding it to our list of collaborative systems. In the guide below, I walk you through how to work with your editor using track changes in Word.

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