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How to Elevate Your Work Through Developmental Editing

Updated: May 27, 2022

It is a critical phase in the editing of an author’s work designed to elevate said work. It focuses on the overall content of an author’s manuscript. An editor is not just looking for spelling mistakes and misused words when doing a developmental edit. They’re looking to see whether your overall content makes sense the way that it is structured. In other words, a developmental editor looks at the whole picture.

The Process: Developmental editing is the most detailed, comprehensive, and thoughtful editing package offered by Amma Edits. During a developmental edit, your manuscript will be deconstructed and rebuilt in the most critical of cases, but, in general, I will offer ideas to further develop your plot, in addition to detailed plot hole notes. Full chapters might be moved or deleted, paragraphs will be rewritten, moved, or deleted entirely. Characters might be tamed, given a makeover, or killed altogether. The dialogue will be refined or given some personality.

Once a manuscript has been through the developmental editing stage, it is time for line editing/ copyediting and proofreading before sending it off for publication.

Checks for:

Story organization

Plot holes

Character development


Dialogue discrepancies

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