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Celebrate Your Small Wins!

As we begin the last week of the first month of this New Year and a new decade, I've been thinking about how different and great the year 2020 already feels. I began 2020 by completing the final round of editing on a romance novel that I started editing in November 2019. The month of January has barely ended, and I've already worked on proofreading a nonfiction manuscript. In addition, I'm working on editing and proofreading individual entries for a Mother's Day anthology to be published by TUVH; I just signed a client for a second nonfiction manuscript; I have 2 more calls scheduled for next week with potential clients, with one already committed. Plus, a manuscript I edited in October 2019 was sent off to the distributor last week and is set to be released in April, also to be published by TUVH. In short, 2020 is looking like something really awesome! I'm pumped!

I made an intentional decision at the end of 2019 to celebrate every small win by staying positive and I can already see the results of staying in a positive and confident light.

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