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Writing Community

Writing can be such a lonely pursuit. Sometimes you get stuck and need someone to talk to. At times, you just need someone to motivate you, to cheer you on. And other times, you need to be assured that your struggle is not unique. You may also need to occasionally hear that every writer has challenges and that those who make it do so because they refused to quit. We want you to feel comfortable enough to be yourself in an open and inclusive environment. Join us today and become part of our amazing community.

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When you join our writing community, you:

 - Become part of a growing and supportive online writing community featuring writers from across the world. Your work is published on our platform, featuring your picture and by-line. This is a great opportunity for new writers looking for a global platform for their stories and ideas.


 - Expand your reach and boost your writing portfolio by becoming a contributing writer to our blog. Your posts will reach readers across our blog and social media platforms.  


 - Become part of a writing community that will fuel your desire to write, connect you with like-minded people, and give you the support you need to help you with the challenges you might face on your writing journey.

 - Find a community that will cheer you on when your book is published. 1 share is great, 2 shares greater, but 100s of shares is priceless!


 - Become a writing pro while gaining followers, readers, and friends, all while having fun writing and sharing your ideas with the community. Are you ready to join the AE writing community? Join us, once approved let us know that you are interested in contributing content and we will add you to the writer's list. Join a group or one of our writing challenges, and don't forget to sign up for frequent updates. Let's make 2021 the year of fulfilling our writing and publishing dreams!

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