Amma Edits Pro Bono Editing Services
It's Time to Share Your Story!

All the perks of a comprehensive edit with none of the costs.


Manuscripts Must Be:

  • Full-length and complete.

  • Between 50,000 and 65,000 words.

  • Self-edited at least once.

  • Submitted as a Word document (12pt font, single-spaced, and indented paragraphs)

The Author Must Be:

  • Ready to publish. 

  • Ready and available to collaborate and communicate 

The Story Must Be Either: 

  • Inspirational in nature.

  • Provide a life lesson.

  • Address a minority or culturally centered problem.


Service is limited to two rounds of editing (including proofreading). More than two rounds of editing will incur extra charges. Further work conditions will be drawn up in a contract to be signed before work begins. 

What is Comprehensive Editing?

A comprehensive edit gives your manuscript substantive attention and looks out for the following, in addition to light and medium editing: organization, sentence style, repetitions, overuse of specific words, vague generalizations, wordiness, and focus