Story Development, Manuscript Review, and Editorial Strategy

Our relationship with a client goes beyond editing and proofreading book manuscripts. We offer so much more; manuscript reviews, editorial assessments, story development, and promotional services. In other words, we don't only take on work, we also offer valuable advice because our desire is to see all our clients succeed, even if we don't end up working on their book or documents. Sometimes, a little guidance is all a client needs to make that shift and get their work ready for publication. See our consulting services below:

Story Development

We will help you develop your story by listening to your plot and storyline ideas, and then guide you on how to script those ideas into words that flow from page to page.

Manuscript Review

We will read through your manuscript and suggest changes and ways to improve the overall structure and flow of the content while clarifying your message.

Editorial Assessment

We offer editorial strategies and advice to authors who need it. This involves reviewing content and brainstorming the best ways to salvage its essence and make it better. 

Content Promotion

We will promote your content and books using e-blasts, news releases, and social media, as well as use our interviewing skills to spotlight authors and their books. 

Does any of this sound good to you? Contact us today and see how we can help you get your book in front of those who need to see it. We offer promotional services to our clients as a courtesy, all others will incur a reasonable one-time fee. 

Are you ready to consult with us?